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Food Prep Sunday

Posted on 28. Feb, 2015.

Kids, school, work, social events, family life, & working out all make for a busy schedule that’s hard to keep up with. Eating right can make a big difference in my energy level to keep up with everything on my plate. A little preparation can make eating the right foods so much easier. I normally […]

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Chicken Marsala ala Patty

Posted on 25. Feb, 2015.

I love chicken marsala, but hate the calories. The “Olive Garden” version checks in at 770 calories & 37 grams of fat, so I tweaked the recipe a bit & got the calories down to 278 per serving & it still tastes amazing! Let me know how you like my version… Print Chicken Marsala ala […]

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Morning Workout Tips & Tricks

Posted on 19. Feb, 2015.

If your used to sweating it out after work, you may want to rethink this & rearrange your schedule to make time for working out in the a.m. hours.   Not too motivated to set your alarm early?  Neither was I, but here’s something that might help get you out of bed. In a new study on exercise and […]

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