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Lemon Detox Water

Posted on 29. Nov, 2015.

Lemon Cucumber Detoxifying Water: 5 Minute Recipe Here is a recipe for a quick lemon water detox drink that will help flush your system of toxins. It’s a refreshing recipe and I hope you love it. How this drink detoxifies you: Cucumbers rejuvenate you through energy-boosting vitamin B. It also contains a lot of fiber […]

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21 Days To Christmas Challenge – Join Today

Posted on 21. Nov, 2015.

I am starting up a new 21 Day group…21 Days to Christmas which will start on November 30th. If your struggling because of an Autoimmune or similar condition like me (AI Hepatitis, Fibromialgia, Lupis, Celiac, Hashimoto, Diabetes, Arthritis, etc) or just want to feel better & have more energy, I invite YOU to join me, […]

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