Hi my name is Patty Kinsella, and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit my site & read my story:

I grew up being very thin, but not in any kind of healthy shape. Fitness was never really talked about back then…you were either fat or you were skinny.  I don’t remember anyone being called “healthy”. When I think back on it now, there weren’t that many really overweight or obese people, ot least not that I noticed, but then again there wasn’t a lot of fast food either, so maybe that’s the connection. My senior year of high school I got engaged to my best friend.  I was 5’4″ & weighed 105 lbs & could eat anything without ever gaining weight. We got married the year we graduated & had our first daughter not long after that. Gaining over 50 lbs with my first pregnancy was something that I thought was normal…I mean come on, you should be able to eat “ANYTHING you want when you’re pregnant….right?  You would think after the birth of my first daughter I would have learned, but I didn’t.  I actually never got back into those pre-pregnancy clothes & ended up dropping them off at St. Vinnie’s. We didn’t have much money…umm actually we didn’t have any money we were BROKE, so new clothes were not an option & hand me downs or St. Vinnie’s were what I had to wear. My long trusty friend “my metabolism” had turned against me & all I had to do now was look at food & I would gain weight! I started a DIET & dropped almost 15 lbs & then I was pregnant again (umm I guess we must have forgot, or more likely couldn’t afford to pay the cable bill that month) & so I gained another 50 lbs…and delivered baby number two just a year and a half after my first daughter’s birth.  I started on yet another “STRICT DIET” & dropped almost 10 pounds when we found out that our insurance program was going to be changing drastically & that if we wanted another child we better start trying right away or we would be paying most of the pregnancy out of our own pocket. Ok…I knew a lot of people that were trying to get pregnant & it took them some time; that was not the case for us, just mentioning the word sex, meant getting pregnant! So I gained another 56 lbs & baby number three was born just 12 1/2 months after the birth of my second daughter. So in 4 years I graduated high school, got married, had 3 kids, & gained a lot of weight…those 4 years are pretty much a blur to me now.

A couple years later I got pregnant with child number four, started to have some problems at 5 months & after several weeks of bed rest, lost the baby.  All this leaving me depressed & FAT!! I can remember looking at myself in our full length mirror, & giving it away, I did not want “it…the mirror” in my home…I  HATED my body & hated leaving the house…the only place I really went was to work…lucky for me I was required to wear a smock for work; it was big & bulky & covered me up pretty well!

Have you ever broke down & cried  as you were getting ready to go somewhere, because nothing fit? I have, more  times than I want to remember. Have you missed very important events with the  excuse that you were sick or couldn’t find a sitter, when really everything  that was in your closet earlier was now laying on your floor & not one  thing fit you? I have been there & done that way to many times. Have you  closed & locked the bathroom door, turned on the shower & just sat  & cried because you were so unhappy with the way you looked? Have you felt  like you lost a piece of yourself, because you got caught up in the whirlwind  of your husband & children’s lives and placed their needs as a high  priority above your own? I know I have, my life’s mission was to take care of my  family & somehow doing that I lost a part of myself, I lost my confidence  & self-esteem! I am not saying taking care of my family was wrong or that I  didn’t find joy & happiness in doing it, because I did! The mistake I made  was not making time to take care of myself; you have to make time for YOU! A Happy wife & mom makes for a Happy family!


This is me when I was pretty big but had lost just over 10 pounds

I tried every diet under the sun;  Slim Fast, Atkins, Nutri System, Medi fast, Weight Watchers, no carbs, no meat,  Herbal life, Formula One, & even some kind of veggie soup diet, there were  so many that I really can’t remember them all! I would lose 20 lbs then gain  back 25, lose 30 & gain back 40, lose 15 & gain it all back plus more…I  honestly have to say that I probably lost almost 200 lbs if you combined every  time I lost weight, only to find every one of them & more back again.

If this sounds familiar to you,  don’t feel alone & don’t think it can’t change, because it really can! You  can be happy with whom you are, and Gain back that confidence & self-esteem.   I hope I can give you hope & faith that everything is possible if you just  set your mind to it & commit.  You  can lose weight, & keep it off, not with the diets I listed above but with  hard work & dedication. I know you have heard this many times but it is a  LIFESTYLE CHANGE not a diet. My Aha moment came when I ordered Turbo Jam, I know that sounds dumb, but it really  did. Chalene Johnson is so motivating, & even though you know she doesn’t  really see your progress…you just don’t want to let her down or let yourself  down. She taught me the importance of healthy eating & having fun with exercise,  which is something I have shared with my daughters. I remember being so excited  when I first got turbo that I brought it to a car show that we go to as a  yearly “family vacation”. We take the campers & camp in big farmers’ fields  (its actually one of the biggest outdoor cars shows in the US – I only tell you this so you can imagine how many people are there & how close together everyone is) there is no  electricity or running water, but we bring the generator with so we can use  some things that need electricity. I brought along the TV, my Turbo disks,  & all the info that came with the program. We practiced all of the moves  & then put the TV outside the camper & got our “TURBO ON”. It didn’t  matter what we looked like, or what people thought, we were rockin it!  (I still  smile when I think about our “spectators”) This was the beginning of not just  my Healthy life style but my whole families…..I am happy to say that I am ok  with who I am today, mentally & physically! I have lost most of the weight  & accomplished a lot.  I do want to  lose 20 more pounds & I will, but I am happy  with who I am now!

I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach after one of my friends noticed the results I got from Turbo Jam.  That person consequently decided to purchase the program themselves as a result of my results! That was exciting and empowering to me, because though I’d never have dreamed in a million years that I would be a part of helping someone in their fitness journey, here I was, helping others out of pure enthusiasm! I found myself telling someone what worked for me, what I’d tried, what I’d heard someone else say worked for them, and giving encouragement.  People helping people – from all around the country – working towards one common goal: Reversing The Trends of Obesity: One Relationship at a Time!

I am always looking for people to join my team – I’d love to hear from you if you think you might be interested in joining my team!

Patty 🙂

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