No Negative Thoughts Today!

Posted on 03. Apr, 2015 in Blog

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No negative thoughts today, only positive!

In March of last year things were going very good with my life. My career was going great, my health was good, & I had a lot of energy.

Then one morning, I woke up & felt like death. I had a high fever, a sinus infection; my ears felt infected, I was coughing, I felt like I was going to throw up & ached everywhere, even my hair hurt! I literally did not get out of bed other than to use the bathroom for a whole week, & when I did finally get up, it was to go to the ER. Whatever was going on all week had turned into pneumonia & I was placed on a heavy regimen of antibiotics & steroids. I couldn’t do much of anything but sleep for the next week while I tried to recover.

I was hopeful that I would start to feel better, but I had no energy…I literally could not walk up stairs without sitting down & resting, I started to lose my hair by the handful, my skin got little bumps all over it, I felt nauseous 24/7, my body hurt just to move, especially in my upper abdomen, & I seriously couldn’t even think of working. I finally went in for my yearly checkup & my doctor was very concerned that my liver enzymes were off the chart…I think they started out at 1250 & were supposed to be around 50. I thank God every day that she sent me to a specialist. He ordered a lot more blood work, ultra sounds, an MRI, etc, & then a liver biopsy. Thus began my journey with autoimmune…the test results showed I had Autoimmune Hepatitis, Autoimmune non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, & later I found out I had Sjogren’s Syndrome…ya I know quite a mouthful.

Fast forward to a few months ago…after working with my doctor, I was finally able to get a surgery that I needed, but that took a lot out of me too.

Today…I have healed from my surgery, I am following my doctor’s plan & taking my prescribed meds, I was able to stop taking one of my meds, the steroids, I am drinking my Shakeology each & every day, & following a healthy diet. This week I actually followed a new meal plan I put together for my upcoming 21 Day group & weighed in yesterday, & am happy to report that I am down 5 pounds in a week! Yeah me!

I know I am very fortunate. I have an amazing support group of family and friends who have stood by me through this ordeal. I am also lucky to have had an early diagnosis & an amazing team of doctors. I am well on my way back to my “Happy” me <3 So I repeat…Today is a very positive day!

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  1. Nits82

    15. May, 2015

    Hi i read your post , i have autoimmune hepatitis as well for last 2 years on immunosuppressants . I wanted to do 21 day fix and wanted to see if shakecology was safe in autoimmune hepatitis and came across ur post .
    Was ur consultant okay with sahecology have u noticed any side effects .. I am very concerned about its effects on my liver .. Please reply thanks

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    • pattylkinsella

      18. May, 2015

      So sorry you have to go through this, I don’t wish it on anyone!!! I brought all the information about Shakeology to my specialist & he approved me using it! (Yay) I would love for you to join in my upcoming challenge group.

      I just finished up with a 5 day group & am going to be starting a 21 day group in a couple weeks (enough time for the gals from the 5 day group to get their challenge packs) & wanted to invite you to take part. The group will be setting goals & making an action plan to reach those goals, putting together a motivation board to keep up your mojo, have a completed meal plan (Each meal planned out with recipes & portions, & shopping list), or you can use the awesome food list that comes with the program with the portion control containers (each person can choose either option or have a mix of both, a complete comprehensive exercise program, motivation, accountability, & of course prizes. My 21 day groups have had AMAZING results in the past & I have no doubt this group will too! I would LOVE to have you take part if your interested in joining. I am also offering a rebate right now to anyone who purchases their challenge pack….so its a win win! ttys

      Please let me know asap & I will save a spot for you. Can’t wait to chat with you more!

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