Tips to Help Get You Through The Weekend

Posted on 29. Aug, 2015 in Blog

Tips to have a Healthier WeekendWe all know how it goes. You make good food choices, avoid temptations, and work out each morning only to find that on Friday or Saturday night, your willpower goes out the window. Somehow snacking endlessly and guzzling down a few beers or cocktails, & then snooze right through your Spinning class the next morning. Sound familiar?

So, how do you change your unhealthy weekend habits? A good start would be to begin incorporating these healthy weekend tips so you can stay healthy—and on track!
1. Squeeze in a longer workout

 2. Eat like it’s a weekday.
3. Stick to your usual sleep schedule.
4. Get outdoors.
5. Pack healthy snacks for outings.
5. Limit your drinks.
6. Plan for some relaxation time.
7. Stick to homemade instead of takeout
8. Order smart when you do eat out.
9. When out to dinner, send the bread basket back, you really don’t need it!
10 Order soup or salad to start, but wait to order the rest of your meal. After you’ve finished, order your entree. Chances are, you’ll order much less than you would if you ordered all at once.
11. Split an entree with a friend, or wrap
up half your meal before you even start eating. If food is on your plate, you’re more likely to eat it.
12. Eat a filling healthy snack before events.
13. Drink more water.
14. Watch portion sizes
15. ALWAYS Weigh in Monday morning.
16. Plan for the week ahead, planning & prepping can make the difference between failure & success!

Watch for some GREAT Meal Planning & Prepping tips coming up this weekend!

I love to hear from you so please Share some of the ways you keep on track over the weekend or some of the things you struggle with!

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