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Review of My New Sprigs Wrist Wallet

Posted on 04. Apr, 2015.

I love getting outside & walking or jogging but when I am alone music is a must, so I looked every where for a easy way to carry my IPhone & am  really happy with the Sprigs wrist wallet that I found.  I think it would be great to wear at the gym too!   […]

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First Attempt at Juicing…I think I Like it.

Posted on 28. May, 2014.

I was visiting with my dad about a year ago & while looking for something we came across a Jack LaLane power juicer, brand new in the box, (can you say late night infomercial).  I asked my dad if I could have it since he had never used it & I wanted to try juicing.  […]

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Shakeology Review – Discussing the Basics To 3-Day Cleanse

Posted on 20. Nov, 2013.

Shakeology is not only a great meal supplement that has enriched nutrient profile; it is a great tasting, versatile shake as well. Shakeology reviews have been positive as users saw life changing results with the addition of more than 80 nutrients in their daily routines. The nutritional elements used in this supreme shake are not […]

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Shakeology Review

Posted on 29. Oct, 2011.

A guest post from 12 Star Diamond and founding coach, Traci Morrow When Shakeology was added to our exclusive Beachbody Coach store, it made a lot of sense to me: the idea of a meal replaced with a shake that in effect, filled in the large gaps of my present diet’s nutrition. An unhealthy accumulation […]

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