Cukes & Tuna Mini’s

Cuke & Tuna Minis

Cuke & Tuna Minis

Yummy 160 calorie snack idea. Tuna (2.6 oz package) 1/2 an English cucumber, 1 tblsp miracle whip light, salt & pepper. 

  • Wash your cucumber
  • slice it into thick slices
  • use a melon baller (a spoon works just fine too) & scoop out some of the middle of the cucumber…making sure you don’t go all the way through (I save the scooped out cucumber for my dinner salad or munch on it while I am making these)
  • mix tuna & miracle whip lite together
  • using a paper towel, dab away the wetness on the top of the cucumber slices
  • fill the hole in each slice with the tuna mix
  • season with Himalayan or sea salt & pepper.

This really helps when you just need to chew something crunchy!

NOTE: You can also use cottage cheese instead of the miracle whip to add more protein, it just won’t be as sweet


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