Challenge Groups

Ready to make a CHANGE???   Want to have more ENERGY???   Need to look in the mirror and LIKE what you see???  Need to start feeling HEALTHY???   Want to start eating CLEANER???   Need to learn more about NUTRITION???

I have the answers for you…join one of my challenge groups! 

There are three ways for you to join:

  1. Monthly Exercise Challenge group…start forming a habit of getting in some sort of exercise everyday.   This challenge is FREE, You don’t have to buy anything, No equipment is needed, Just print out the monthly schedule, and Check in daily. JOIN HERE
  2. Monthly 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge GroupLearn how to eat clean along with others doing the same.  This challenge is FREE, You have to buy the groceries needed to follow along with the menu plan, you need to apply to be part of the group, you will be added into a private facebook group, you will be given a shopping list, 5 day meal plan, & all the recipes needed for the 5 days, You need to check into this group daily for the 5 days of the challenge. APPLY HERE
  3. 21 Day Private Health & Fitness Challenge GroupThis is the way for you to get guaranteed results.  You purchase a challenge pack…which comes with a 30 day supply of Shakeology, The workout program of your choice, a 30 day deluxe club membership that comes with a Meal/Menu planner, FREE Shipping, a spot in my private facebook group, Lessons every day so you can learn what you need to do in order to SUCCEED on your Health & Fitness Journey, Motivation, Accountability, & me…helping you every step of the way.  You will learn how to form healthy habits that are do-able for the rest of your life.   NO DIETING,  JUST RESULTS!!!  This group is everything you need to SUCCEED!!!!!!                     FITNESS + NUTRITION + ACCOUNTABILITY = SUCCESS  MORE INFO  & APPLY HERE


Don’t repeat last years mistakes COMMIT now to succeed, your body will thank you!
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