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dance your way to fitness

Dance Your Way To Fitness

If you want to get fit without squats, push-ups, lunges, or boring cardio, it’s time to … #CIZEITUP

cize 3Need help fitting exercise into your life?

Need to start eating cleaner?

Need to be held Accountable?

Need more Motivation?

Not ready to commit to 100 Sit-ups, 100 Push-ups, & 1,000 lunges each day?

If YOU answered YES to any of the above questions, then this Group is for YOU!


BONUS:  Get “FIXATE” the 21 Day Fix Cookbook FREE when you Join!

Plus there will be other prizes throughout the challenge

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Don’t worry, I won’t make you eat tuna & lettuce for every meal, you can still go to cookouts, weddings, & family celebrations.  You will be surprised that this program is so flexible & not at all restrictive…you can even have wine & chocolate, yep you heard me right you can have wine & chocolate!  I want you to love yourself 100%…life is just to short not to.  This challenge is for your total being…Mind, Body, & Soul!

Join us Today...I promise you won;t be disappointed!

What can you expect to get during these 21 days?

  • Learn how to meal plan

  • Lose Weight

  • Learn how to meal prep

  • Learn about clean eating

  • Learn about portion Control

  • Learn how to make time for you – without neglecting your family

  • Lean how to have a positive mindset

  • Create Healthy Eating Habits

  • Get motivated

  • 24/7 Support & Accountability

  • Learn how to fit in 30 minutes of exercise each day

  • You will be surrounded by fellow challengers that will be your fitness buddies!  They are there to motivate you, support you, & celebrate your victories along the way – all without leaving your home.

How Does a Challenge Group Work?

My challenge groups take place in a private Facebook group (but I will work one on one with you if your more comfortable with that) where participants get to know each other and help provide support to each other while working towards their reaching their goals.  Each day I share a pinned post and assignment designed to inform, motivate, and challenge you.  I ask that my challengers check in daily because the more engaged they are with the group, the more success they have.  Since the group is private, the only other people that see your posts are those in the challenge group.  You don’t have to worry about any of your friends seeing your posts show up in their newsfeed.  If you have any questions, problems, or concerns you can message me, email me, text message me, or call me anytime & I will be there for YOU!  It is important to me to have you Succeed, because when you succeed, so do I!

If this sounds right for you, fill out the application below

Don’t Wait until the time is PERFECT, because it never will be!

Let’s Dance Our Way To Fitness & Health


Patty Kinsella Fitness