One Of The Worst Foods For Your Waistline

If You Want a Slim Waist Line Do NOT Eat This

If You Want a Slim Waist Line Do NOT Eat This

Sugary cereals are one of the worst foods for your waistline & your health in general.  (There are a few exceptions like some of the cereals in the Ezekiel 4:9® line) but when it comes to the “regular” boxes that fill the shelves of the cereal aisle at the grocery store, it’s generally all very, very bad news.

Why does it have to be so tempting!  Handfuls of brightly colored crunchy bites are so easy to grab from your kid’s snack bag while you’re making their school lunch – and before you know it, you’re grabbing a handful for yourself.

You should really try to resist eating any of these cereals made from processed grains and coated with sugar.  They probably raises your blood glucose more than an actual sugar packet. Most sugary cereals are made from refined grains that have been stripped of their fiber and nutrients, along with one if not more forms of refined sugar, and throwing in vitamins doesn’t cut the damage.

The worst part is that so many cereal companies try to confuse consumers by making their product sound so “healthy” and “nutritious”, when it really is anything but.

For example, I had to run to the grocery store today with the kids & they wanted to pick out “Their Own” cereal.  I came across several that said they had added fiber, made with 25 grams of whole grains, rich in antioxidants, a good source of vitamin C & E, it sure sounds healthy…in fact, the labels even made claims like “heart healthy!” . The health benefits just kept adding up!

But here’s the real truth:

These so-called “healthy” cereals contains so many ingredients, one of the boxes had FIFTY ONE ingredients, including not one, not two, not five, not eight, but TEN different sources of SUGAR, it also contained SEVEN corn derived ingredients (very likely from genetically modified corn), including corn syrup and corn starch.  It was also loaded with inflammatory wheat ingredients and gluten, not to mention two of the worst damaged, denatured oils you can consume…canola oil and soybean oil.

Healthy? I don’t think so!

Okay, then what should you choose?  Try snacking on whole grain puffed cereals, with cinnamon or bananas added, or try whole grain oatmeal, or one of my very favorites is Farina cereal (cream of rice) with a little pure maple syrup & some walnuts on top!

Simply put, you MUST eliminate these sugary boxed foods from your home if your goal is to get a flat belly fast.  


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